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       The Salvation Evangelistic Association was started in Springfield Missouri in 1956 when Evangelist Larry Clayton enlisted a group of, bible college students to do open air, street preaching evangelism. The result of three years of hard work was that there were 2 local (Baptist) churches started and a rescue mission.

       Our ministry has grown since, to the place where we are doing a world wide preaching and church planting ministry in over 65 mission fields and almost every state in the USA.

       The Salvation Evangelistic Association is a FAITH MISSION. We offer a free portion of God's Word to any one any where in the world free, as the Lord provides.

       We Have provided over 300 thousand Arabic (VanDyke) bibles to the people of Iraq and the Middle East. There are 20 thousand all printed and boxed for the Kurds of Europe. We are getting Turkish John and Romans to the people of London UK.
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