The Salvation Evangelistic Association was started in Springfield, Missouri in 1956 when Evangelist Larry Clayton enlisted a group of Bible College students to do open air evangelism and street preaching. The result of three years of hard work was that there were 2 local (Baptist) churches started along with a rescue mission.
       Since that time our ministry has grown to the place where we are directing a world wide preaching and church planting ministry. God has allowed us to minister in more than 65 mission fields and almost every state in the USA.

The SEA teams have worked in mission fields in:

The Amazon Jungle
       In 1967, Dr. Clayton led a team of missionaries up all the major rivers of the great Amazon rain forest. There were three new mission efforts begun that has resulted in numbers of churches started, a bible college and new tribal areas opened to the gospel. On this trip we filmed a girl being offered to a god that did not have a name, as a human sacrifrice.


       Trips with out number have been made to the nations of Asia. Our SEA team has been involved in starting churches in Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc. SEA was involved in building 11 church buildings in the Philippines, several in Korea and Cambodia.

       Dr. Clayton's first visit to Asia was in 1968 when he preached in five nations. His second was in 1970 when there were over 7000 souls saved in his meetings. He preached to crowds of over 8000 on this trip.

South and Central America.

       We have preached and built churches in 6 nations of South America and 5 nations of Central America, including a church building in Panama.


       Teams of workers and church planters have been sent to build 5 church buildings in the cities of Mexico. We have done evangelism in rural areas since 1954 which has resulted in thousands of conversions to Christ. In one of the missionary ministries we supported, two of the American men were martyred by Mexican assassins.


       SEA has traveled and worked in most of the countries of Europe. We are involved in reaching the Arabic speaking people of Europe through the distribution of Bibles , Bible literature, tracts etc. There are hundreds of thousands of families that have immigrated to Europe from Islamic nations that are open to the gospel and the Word of God. We are now reaching the Kurds in Sweden.


       Since 1980 our team has been working in 6 countries of the Dark Continent with great results. We are now building a church and trying to build a Bible institute in Ghana, West Africa.

North America

       Our evangelism has taken us into all the States of the US and most of the Provinces of Canada. It was in Caldwell, Ohio in1953 that Brother Clayton held his first revival at the First Baptist Church. Since then he has preached and held meetings in churches of all sizes.

       SEA has had a major part in starting churches all over the continental United States. The first one was in a rural area of Ohio near Maplewood in Shelby County. We called it the Beehive Church. It was a Baptist Church for almost 50 years. The old building was torn down and a grass lot with the old bell built into a monument is all that is left.

Middle East

       Evangelism has taken us into Israel, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq. We are now helping missionaries in all these (often mentioned in the news) countries. Evangelism is not new there but it is very much needed. The disciple Thomas, took the gospel to Assyria (Iraq) on his way to India in the first century. Peter was in Babylon and Paul preached in Damascus. We are working just as much as possible in that area of the world.


       SEA through Rev. Jack Davis is working in Communist Cuba.  Brother Davis and his co-worker, Rev. Jim Jones are starting churches and a Bible College in an area near Havana Cuba. You can contact them at:

Rev. Jack Davis
1836 Highway 48
Wilsonville AL 35186

Rev. and Mrs. Jim Jones
4431 Tiedeman Rd.
Cleveland, OH 44144

The U.S. Military

       We have been attempting to reach the Military of our country now for many years. We first started in Springfield Missouri by transporting soldiers to the High St. Baptist Church on Sunday mornings. Many young men in training at Fort Leonard Wood were converted to Christ. The Lord led us on to preaching in Army camps in the US, Korea, and the Philippines. We are now supplying Arabic Bibles for distribution by our troops in Iraq.

       Dr. Clayton's sermons were recorded and played on the US Government radio stations in Viet Nam during the war. Good results were reported from this evangelistic work.

Scotland and the United Kingdom

For many years we have had a ministry in the United Kingdom; public preaching, revival meetings, getting out gospel literature (bibles and tracts) by the thousands, helping to start churches, and funding church building projects.

Rev. James Males and family missionaries have joined our S.E.A. team in world evangelism. They have been missionaries to Scotland since 1991. They have built a self supporting Baptist Church with a national pastor. They are branching out from the church they planted, to reach other areas of the world.

The Salvation Evangelistic Association is commissioned out of the:

Cleveland Baptist Church
4431 Tiedeman Rd.
Cleveland, Ohio 44144

Dr. Kevin Folger, Pastor
216 671 2822
Dr. Kevin Folger
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